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What is Native Format ?

1. Native format is your software samplers own format. For example; this DVD contains the multisamples in Kontakt format, this means, you can just load them into Kontakt rather than importing them. Same with Halion, Kontakt, exs24 and Reason NN-XT. Furthermore, as the contents have been pre-programmed in your software sampler's own format, it not only saves you time, but also results in a much more reliable end result, as importing or converting sounds from a different format to your software sampler's own format. 

2. Get the pro sounds, start making pro music. What you are getting is great quality Multi-sample instruments. Two-three + velocity-layer sample instrumnents. Unlike most sample CD's which include a single waveform from each octave, this package contains instruments which are multisampled with many wave files per instrument in order to reproduce the signature sound of the hardware. The instruments have been sampled on every single note, on two-three + different velocitys layers this giving you the most authentic sound available without the hardware.