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How to import AKAI CDs into the main software samplers ( EXS24 | HALION | KONTAKT | MACH FIVE | GIGA ) ?

Here are the instructions on how to load AKAI CD-ROMs into EXS24, Halion, Kontakt, Mach Five, Giga and others.

How do I load my Akai CD-ROM into EXS24 ?

First open Logic and the EXS 24. Near the upper right hand corner of the EXS 24 interface are two buttons marked Edit and Options. Click the Options button and select Akai convert. The Akai convert window will appear and in that window you’ll see four sections named Partition, Volume, Program, and Audio file. Also you’ll see the prompt “Waiting for Akai CD”. Once you insert the disc, the Partition section will display its alphabetized partitions. Click on any of the partitions and in the Volume section will appear groups of samples. Click on any of the groups and Programs will appear. Click on a Program and audio files will appear in the Audio File section. You can now convert a partition, a volume, a program, or convert the whole disc in one shot (recommended).

How do I load my Akai CD-ROM into HALION ?

First, open your host and HALion 2. HALion 2 opens in Macro mode. In this mode, in the lower part of the interface, click open the Import window. You can then select which drive you want to import the Akai files from. Insert the Akai CD-ROM and the Partitions will appear on the left. You can then import a Partition, a Volume, a Program or the entire disc. Please note: In the original HALion there is no import button, go to “options” and “import files.” In HALion 3, there is a Browser button that opens the Browser window. This window is probably the easiest browser to deal with, as far as sound management is concerned. Insert the Akai disc in the Browser and click the disc button and you’ll see the partitions appear.


How do I load my Akai CD-ROM into KONTAKT ?

Before launching Kontakt, you must first insert the Akai CD-ROM in your computer. If you do not, Kontakt may not recognize the disc. Make sure the browser window is open on the left. You should then see a CD icon that reads Akai next to it. Open the plus sign (+) next to the CD icon and there will appear an alphabetized list of the disc’s partitions. Open any of the partitions and programs and samples folders will appear. To open a program simply click on that folder and in a window below the name of the program will appear. Double click on the program and it will be loaded into Kontakt.


How do I load my Akai CD-ROM into MACH 5 ?

First launch MachFive. In the rust colored window in the upper left hand corner is a tab marked UVI Xtract. Click on this tab and once UVI Xtract is open click on the disc menu right above where it says Partition. Then choose insert sampler disc and put the CD-ROM in the computer. After a brief moment a list of partitions will appear. Then you can select a partition to see the content, or a volume to see its individual programs. Once you’ve selected a program, click the save program tab at bottom right hand corner. You can also convert the entire disc by clicking UVI Xtract’s Disc tab menu and selecting Convert Full Disc.


How do I load my Akai CD-ROM into Giga ?

Open Giga and insert the Akai disc into your Giga PC. At the lower left hand side of the Giga interface is a browser with a list of icons. Click on the CD icon if the partitions of the Akai are not displayed. Within the partitions will be programs and samples that you may load. If you want to convert the whole disc, simply highlight all partitions and right click. A menu will appear allowing you to specify where you wish to save the disc’s contents.



How to import AKAI CDs into EMU ESI-32 | ESI-4000 | ESI-2000 ?

First you will need some kind of SCSI CD-ROM reader or reader/writer to connect to your EMU ESI-32 | ESI-4000 | ESI-2000. I use a Plextor PX-R412C by the way. (This all assumes you have the SCSI internal upgrade). Be sure to make all SCSI connections with the power switched off to all devices - failure to do so will result in permanent damage to one or all of them. Check your SCSI IDs do not conflict - the ESI is factory set at ID 5 but can be changed. My CD-R is set at ID 6. Switch on the power to the CD reader first. It might be a good idea to put in your Akai sample CD now. Allow a bit of time for it to spin up (about 10-15 secs). Power up your sampler. Verify the SCSI device has been found or do Mount Drives (Master/Global 7,1). You CANNOT access an Akai disc using the Load & Save buttons. Instead, first clear your sampler memory (Master/Global 3, Yes), then press Master/Global 0 (zero), then Akai Import 0. It would be a good idea to now tell the ESI to look on the same ID every time (otherwise it searches everytime and can be annoying and time-consuming), so press 0 again, Akai SCSI setup. Change *search* into your particular ID, confirm Yes, then exit. Now to load your sounds. An Akai format CD-ROM will be subdivided into partitions labelled A, B, C, etc, and each of these might be subdivided into volumes numbered 001, 002, etc. Press Master/Global 0, 0, 2 to get you to Akai Load/Convert page. Rotate the jog wheel to get you to the required partition and the cursor key and wheel to the desired volume. Confirm with Yes. There will probably be between 4-15 banks in each volume depending on the CD. Use the wheel or inc/yes button to take you past **all** and **none** and choose which bank you want to load. Press Yes. Takes about 1 minute depending on size of bank and the speed of your CD drive. You should now be able to audition the sounds from the front panel or via a MIDI keyboard. There may or may not be presets available. You can save the bank in the normal way to a Zip or internal/external hard drive for future reference. (Banks will probably be too big for floppies.) Remember to clear the memory before trying to load other banks. There are some more options in Master/Global 0, 0, 1 (Akai import options) but you should be able to figure those out for yourself. Good luck, have fun and happy music making.



NiceBeats GUIDE to REASON NN-XT SAMPLER. (Created by Psycoderek)

How to use in Reason 3

When you open reason and select the NNXT advanced sampler to use this product you will experience an error message stating that the wav files have not been found or are missing. All is not lost.

Follow these steps to access the files.

1: Open Reason

2: Create a mixer

3: Create an NNXT advanced sampler

4: Click on the samplers file box located next to the word Innit file in the normal way.

5: Select a xxxx file from the Relative Nice Bytes NNXT folder and click ok. The samples will begin to load you think ? Not so you will now get the error message. Click ok and another small box will open.


7: Click SELECT ALL From the top left of the box and all the files will be highlighted.

8: Click the SEARCH IN TAB bottom right of that window. You will then be able to locate the required files by going to where you put the files in your reason folder or loading from the disc supplied to you. A good tip would be to place the wav file folder in the Nnxt folder and the search in will take you straight to the folder destination. If this does not happen at least you will know where to find the wav files.

9: Select the corresponding wav file folder. Eg if you want the atmosphere file then click the atmosphere wav folder and click OK YOU DO NOT NEED TO OPEN THE FOLDER JUST HIGHLIGHT IT The open window will now have the words replaced on the right hand side.

10: Click OK and enjoy.

Note you will need to do this for all the files in the Nnxt folder. It is worth it as the sounds are great.